The New Genesis: Day One

Well folks, I’m living up to my promise: my attempt to create a New and Improved Old Testament. As I mentioned in my previous post, since in the eyes of Christian Fundamentalists, the entire Bible must be taken as literal fact, like any other publication that claims to be non-fiction, it is a book that absolutely screams to be updated every so often.

To complete this task of re-writing the Book of Genesis as I originally intended, I have found it necessary to divide it up into segments. Since God meant the entire universe to be competed in six days, with a day off to kick back ad chill at the end, I am dividing all that creation up into six days as well. Each post will only represent one day, although with the addition of science many of the subsequent parts had to be rearranged in addition to being rewritten. As will be eventually addressed, it hard to define something as a “day” when there hasn’t even been an Earth created, let alone a sun fro it to revolve around.

Please note that the corrections and comments that I plan on making in this series of articles concentrate only on science, or the lack thereof in the Bible. By the addition of the knowledge attained about the natural world based on accepted facts learned through experiments and observation, I will attempt to reach a less alienating consensus between the hard-core, word-for-word believers and those who would feel their intelligences were less insulted by seeing the stories of the Old Testament, in particular, taken as a figurative narration based on a scientific foundation. It is by adding information to the Bible, as well as editing and interpreting certain stories and passages, that I hope to allow those who want a book that they can take literally as Holy Scripture become proud functioning members of the Twenty-First Century.

So with no more ado I present:

The New Genesis: Day One

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 5.46.39 PM

1) In the beginning (about 13.7 billion years ago) God created an incredibly hot, dense point in space. Everything else in the Universe was formless and empty; darkness was over the surface of the deep. (God had not quite gotten around to creating the waters for his spirit to hover over, but since he hadn’t even gotten                                                                                           around to creating time yet, He figured it                                                                                                  could  wait.)


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 5.54.41 PM2) And God said, “Let there be light” and all the matter, energy, space and time in the universe, which had been squeezed into that infinitesimally small dense point, erupted in a cataclysmic “explosion” called the Big Bang.

 Three minutes later God saw that the chemical elements, which make up light, were created. God saw that the light was good, but during the first 380,000 years after this Big Bang, the intense heat from the universe’s creation made it essentially too hot for light to shine.

Then on this first “day”, which lasted 380,000 years, atoms crashed together with enough force to break up into a dense, opaque plasma of protons, neutrons and electrons that scattered light like fog. Hence, there was darkness so, He separated the light from the darkness.

After the 380,000 years of this first “day” of the Big Bang had passed,  matter cooled enough for electrons to combine with nuclei to form neutral atoms. This phase is known as “recombination,” and the absorption of free electrons caused the universe to become transparent. If there were anyone around to see it, light could now be seen and it, no doubt, would have been good at least compared to that murky mass of space fog that had been swirling around the neighborhood at that point.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.06.00 PM

3) (It is here that we must explain that for God to call the light “day” and the darkness “night would not have made any sense at this juncture since He still had not gotten around to creating the earth or even the sun for the earth to revolve around. Therefore dividing time up into days and nights, just doesn’t work. Lets just assume that these days are sort of like “dog years” in that the first two years of a dog’s life is equal to 10.5 human years each and after that each dog year equals 4 human years.)

So each “God day” will be equal to a different period of time:

Day One = 380 Thousand Years

In our next installment (The New Genesis: Day Two) we see where the writers and editors of the Book Of Genesis really get it all mixed up.

…But its never too late to learn.




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