How Trump Won: We’re All Mad Here!


“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


As in everything in life, the question of how Donald Trump was able to pull off a victory in the 2016 Presidential Election has a number of distinctive answers that, in my estimation, make sense. Please allow me, as a simple act of self-therapy, to try and elaborate how we find ourselves in the midst of this Mad Tea Party

1. Strong Beliefs Take Precedence Over “Character Flaws”

As I have mentioned in a previous post, voters prioritized certain political issues over the multitude of character flaws* that the candidate has waved like a red cape in front of the eyes of national and world opinion.

Some subjects that many have a visceral belief in are:

• Protection of the 2nd Amendment.
• Abortion is wrong and should be outlawed.
• There is a need to stem a flood of illegal immigrants flocking across America’s borders.

Hot button issues such as these, in all probability, led a good number of people to overlook The Donald’s major personality failings* in favor of a candidate who stated unequivocally that he would take care of these problems as soon as he takes office

(*Please note that phrases such as “Character Flaws” and “personality failings” should more accurately be translated as obscene, misogynistic, bullying, narcissistic demagoguery)

2. Stupidity Before Truth – (Stultitia Ante Veritate)

My blog, Why Is America So, was originally begun in April of 2016 because I could not fathom why a large number of my fellow Americans found Donald Trump to be a viable candidate for POTUS. Further along in the election year it was implausible to believe for even a second that this despicable human being would become the Republican Party’s nominee for the highest office in the land. Now that I am sound asleep in my comfy bed, and currently having the weird-ass nightmare that he actually won the 2016 election, I am forced to try and make sense of this outcome.

While it would be spurious of me to insist that Trump’s victory was attained through the support of a constituency made up entirely of drooling cretins, there is certainly some accuracy to say that there are many people out there who have believed every idiotic thing that Trump has trumpeted!

If you are one of the simpletons who bought every piece of shit Donald Trump tried to sell you please be aware of the following:
A. He has never had, nor does he have, any intention of seeking prosecution or prison for Hillary Clinton. It would be neither politically beneficial for he and his friends, nor would it be good for business.

B. Nobody ever had any desire to take away your guns. Gun control is aimed at those who are not sane enough or law-abiding enough to be trusted with them. If you wish to protect these people’s right to own an AK-47, then maybe as a sign of your camaraderie you might want to move to their neighborhood.

C. If he proceeds to try and build a wall, it will not affect illegal immigration in the slightest. If you don’t believe me look at a fucking map of the USA.

D. Any of the other hair-brained plans he has mentioned in his rhetoric, will be difficult, if not impossible to get accomplished. They would have to make it through challenges by the Legislative Branch, which will have its own constituencies to deal with as well as an eye to the recent election won only by an electoral vote and not a popular majority. As for the Supreme Court, even if it is given a slight rightward shift, it is still an entity unto itself when deciding the constitutionality of an issue. Knowing this, it is doubtful that any thoughts about “deportation” would ever come to fruition.

In other words my in-bred, Nazified, sheet wearing, half-witted fellow Americans, this king of hyperbole has sold you a bag of horseshit, while getting you to believe that it’s really a sack of gold. Blatant lies and insults do not a leader make.

What did you get the man who had everything: A four-year term as president!
Next time just buy him a singing-bass wall plaque.

3. An opponent with more baggage than a visiting royal

= a Trump victory

I think the majority of thinking Americans were totally ready to see the election of the first woman POTUS. However, other than Hillary, no other woman in American politics really wanted the honor. In addition, the Democratic National Convention, and all the “super-delegates” who owed the Clintons big-time, seemed to block Bernie Sanders at every turn.

Bernie was the only candidate on the Democratic ticket who could make the same claim that got Trump elected – Although he was a US Senator, he was not tainted by the label of “Washington Insider” like Hillary was. This alone would have given him a victory over Trump.

And this brings us to the main reason that we now have a Trump Presidency !

4. A “Man of the People” to Fight the American Political System

Donald J. Trump – a man of the people?
Yeah right, so were Comrade Stalin and Adolf Hitler!

It is, however, safe to say that whether you lean left or right, the way the American political system functions (or perhaps more accurately doesn’t function) is unacceptable. It is indeed a matter of record that Donald claimed to be against “the Washington D.C.” crowd from the beginning of his campaign. Of course in the past there were ads that featured doctors who claimed that smoking Camel cigarettes would “give your throat a vacation!” So you might say I’m skeptical.

Many saw Donald Trump’s immense wealth as a bulwark against the influences of political lobbyists, He did not need their money to fund his campaign and they assumed that he would not be tempted to kowtow to them during his Presidency. Many voters saw the fact that Trump did not really need to be beholding to any special interests as an indication that he would be free of these influences if elected. Unfortunately, if a President backs many his buddies who are involved in these interests already, (like fossil fuel to name just one) there is no need to spend money to seduce him; he is already your bedfellow!

The majority of his supporters saw Donald Trump as a person who was not afraid to “tell it like it is”. Whether he meant what he said, will eventually be determined, but whatever twisted thought popped into The Donald’s undiplomatic mind, it, through the lack of any self-censoring ability, made its way to his lips faster than shit through a goose (to use Grandma’s apropos cliché). For everyone who was put off by these vulgar ideas and rhetorical flourishes, there was someone else who, voting from their “guts”, approved of his straight from the hip gutter-speak even when (or in many cases because) it took tones that were unabashedly racist or sexist.

Many even saw him as a rough and tumble, self-made, New York businessman. (Except, of course, for that “small million dollar loan” from Dad) To all of you small businessmen who supported Trump because of some kind of a deluded feeling of kindred spirit, all I can say is that if you ever sell him a Pastrami sandwich, get the money upfront. There are plenty of companies that are out of business because the Donald stiffed them.

So to the best of my cerebral pondering, these are the reasons that seem to be responsible for the shit-storm in which we now find ourselves. Therefore, if:

• You are one of those who prioritized one specific political stand above the good of the rest of the nation

• You were dumb enough to drink, without question, the poisoned Kool-Aid Trump was selling you

• You were a member of the elitist clique that controls the Democratic Party

• You believed that your champion of the common man, Donald J. Trump, was just another good ol’ boy businessman like Floyd the Barber

Then you have given Donald Trump and the far right wing of the Republican Party the reins of our national government for the next four years.

“In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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